Tri-Canyon Trail – North (Pacific Beach)

Tri-Canyon Trail – Coastal San Diego
Intermediates and Advanced Only

The ride starts at Bicycle Warehouse in Pacific Beach.  Bicycle Warehouse is a sponsor of our ministry and offers discounts to members.

We park at the store and take the road (Santa Fe) North for about 1.8 miles.  Since we are connecting three canyons, there will be a bit of road riding getting to each canyon.  At the end of the road, we drop down and follow railroad tracks for a bit.  If the water is low, we quickly cross a stream and then climb up a small hill overlooking I-5.  We take this to to Rose Canyon and ride awesome single track through California Oak groves and chaparral.  After a few miles we climb out of Rose Canyon, take another road and drop down to San Clement Canyon.

First we have a little fun with some steep urban assault areas.  San Clement is awesome with nice technical single track and great climbs.  There is one section of San Clement you’ve seen from 805 and 52.  It’s on the West side of 805 and is this nasty, steep wall, yep a hike-a-bike section.  The hike is worth it though with some steep, technical downhill single track.  As we slowly climb back out San Clement, it’s time to hook up with Tecolote Canyon.

As we drop in Tecolote Canyon, there is some more urban assault near the top and a nice steep downhill section with a hard turn at the bottom.  The ride picks up speed as the single track opens up with twists and turns.  The trail opens up further for a true full speed charge out of the canyon.  As we climb out, we have a bit of road to finish up with before we are back to the cars.

This trail is a true Intermediate ride.  There are technical steep climbs, and technical steep drops, but nothing ridiculous.  Total mileage is about 14 miles and it should take 2-3 hours depending on our pace.  I ride it in 1 1/2 hours with few stops, but being in a group and having a devotional/lunch break makes it longer.

What to bring:
1. HELMET – NO helmet, NO RIDE, no exceptions.
2. WATER – at least 50 oz
3. FOOD – this is a relatively short ride but we recommend some “food/energy” bars as a snack.
4. TUBES – At least 1 or 2.
5. CAMERA – optional.  We will be taking pictures and posting them on the site.

Take I-5 to the Balboa Exit.  It does not matter what direction you are coming from – go East on Balboa up the hill.  At the first light, bang a U-Turn.  Once you are under the overpass, take a right on Santa Fe Street.  Bicycle Warehouse is on the left.  Look for the RockMTB Banner on our car!

Bicycle Warehouse
4650 Santa Fe Street
San Diego, CA 92109


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