Sweetwater Reservoir

Are you ready for a SWEET RIDE in Southern San Diego????  How about Sweetwater Reservoir???  (Yes, it hurt writing it too!)
Sweetwater Reservoir – Bonita / Chula Vista

What makes this ride a intermediate / advanced is the 16 mile distance and slight amount of climbing along the beautiful Sweetwater Reservoir.
The ride imediatly drops into the local canyons.  After a mile of so, the trail hooks up with Sweetwater Reservoir and continues along the perimeter.   The trail (all single-track) jogs up and down the lake with wide open scenery.  Along the backside the trail becomes more technical and scenic.  At this time of year (and with the recent rain) everything is green, lush with wild flowers blooming.  The trail climbs out of Sweetwater and continues upstream next to the river.  It ends looping back to the cars.
If you have good bike legs, and love putting on the miles, this is a perfect ride for you.

What to bring:
1. Helmet, of course. No helmet, No ride (we just love that head of yours!!!)
2. Water, Bring at least 60oz.
3. Don’t forget food as this is a longer ride..
4. Sunscreen – this is an exposed ride and MAY get hot. (weather depending)
5. Shorts and short sleeve shirts (see previous).
6. Spare tubes.
7. Prayer.

From the 805. Exit Bonita Road and head East.
Approx. 3 miles down Bonita Road will turn left, you will want to STAY STRAIGHT ON SAN MIGUEL ROAD. Then take a left at Summit Meadow Road.  There is also a wooden sign that says Sweetwater Summit Campground. Take a left just before the Ranger booth at the sign that says Picnic & Day Use Parking. Look for the RockMTB Banner..


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