Ramona Loop


Intermediate XC

This is the usual ride… The ride started at Steve’s old house and quickly goes onto the trail. The trail continues in a field through a valley surrounded by mountains. Toward the end of the valley, the trail crosses a road and starts a nice technical climb. After a mile or so of rolling up & downs, one last short hill climb up an old fire road. Finally we are at what I call the top. With the valley stretching out below, the trail gets pretty steep in some sections – now the fun starts! Lots of twisty single track with several technical areas. There is this one area with two drops to a fire road, one very steep and the other just steep. Which one are YOU going down??? The trail continues as rolling, tight, single track for several miles with climbs and fast descents. During one section you are in this beautiful lush valley with grass and California Live Oaks, very nice. The end of the ride levels out with fast single track, some along the road, some in the woods. Total mileage – approximately 12-15 miles.  Skill level – STRONG Intermediate. There is a lot of climbing, and several difficult technical sections. PLEASE NO BEGINNERS!!!

Says… This ride can have many alternate routes, depending on skill level and time. All them have some climbing and range from fairly easy to extreme “hike-a-bike”. And I don’t mean “push-a-bike”. There is some of that on some of the routes as well. The distance can range from 7 miles that can be done in under a hour, to a grueling 15 miles that can take 2-3 hours. The longer routes include a 20 min. “hike-a-bike”, on foot, with your bike slung over your back for some sections. Up the side of a small mtn. you go… Why all this hard work? The exercise! Of course, and by a rewarding 1.5 mile, ridge-running decent down some cool single track. Finishing with more fast easy single track for an awsome cool down.

There are many miles of trails out here that I have not ridden yet. I will continue to explore new and ever-changing routes. Keep on eye on the homepage for any updates and newly discovered trails. BTW – If anyone is interested in doing some of this riding mid week, I would be happy to have you join me. I usually ride 3-4 times a week in the afternoon for an hour or so. (this is my time at the gym.) During the summer I will also be organizing some “nite rides”. AWSOME! God Bless and I hope to see ya soon.

What to bring:
1. Helmet – Always mandatory.
2. Warm weather clothing.
3. Food.
4. Water –  at least 50 oz, 80 oz is better.
5. Don’t forget to prep your bike the night before. Pump air in the tires (40-45 psi), lube the chain, and test the brakes.
6. Prayer.

Highway 8 to El Cajon, take CA-67 North.  After a few miles at the end of the freeway, turn RIGHT onto WILLOW RD. Turn LEFT at the next light onto Ashwood Road, follow for a mile (or so) then at the stop sign continue straight and it becomes WILDCAT CANYON RD go approx. 14miles to the end (passing Barona Casino).  Turn RIGHT onto SAN VICENTE RD …


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