Martha’s Grove


Martha’s/Medina Ride – East Co. San Diego


This is one of my FAVORITE local rides (starts in Santee) and for good reason.  This trail has a just about everything, beautiful So-Cal scenery, lush valleys, sweet single track, wide track, thick trees, easy and technical riding, cliffs, a drop off and is only ten minutes from my house.  We start near Santee Lakes and ride into Sycamore Canyon.  The first part is the most technical with lots of little climbs and rocks.  After 2 ? miles, Sycamore Canyon opens up which is currently green and lush.  The trail continues as wide track to the entrance of Gooden Ranch (home of Martha’s Grove).  This is where there will be bailouts.  For those who may be having difficulty, they will continue up the fire road and wait for us.  The rest will climb single track on the side of the valley.  We join up and continue on a nice climb to the staging area.  At the top is the entrance to Martha’s Grove trail, one of my favorites in So-Cal.  Martha’s climbs a bit more with views of the valley below.  After a few minutes, the trails crests – ‘hold onto your handle bars’ for fast single track is in front!  There is one section some people may wish to walk, a nice drop off with a sharp turn at the bottom (best part of the ride).  Shortly after we come to Martha’s Grove, a nicely shaded section where the devotional will take place.  The trail continues twisting, turning and gently decending to a fire road.  We then hit more single track and go back to the entrance of Gooden Ranch.  This is an ‘Out and Back’ ride, meaning we go out the way we came in.  On the way back, I know additional single track we’ll take.
This trail is rideable for most people and does have bail out points in a few areas.  The first half of the ride will be a long gentle climb to Martha’s Grove.  It is not hard, but is constant.  There are also river bed crossings with rocky sections.  Nothing too technical, but you should be somewhat experienced riding over rocks.  Most of the trail is smooth and fun.  The truly technical sections are few and walkable.

 THIS IS NOT A RIDE TO BRING A NEWBIE ON (that’s why we have beginner rides).  This is a 16 mile Intermediate ride; a newbie would be overwhelmed and drastically slow the group down.  They don’t need much experience, but do need some.

What to bring:
1. Helmet, of course. No helmet, No ride (we just love that head of yours!!!)
2. Someone that has not been on an Rock MTB ride. (For this ride, no beginners)
3. Water
4. Prayer.

They vary tremendously depending on where you live.  The bottom line is you need to get on Mast Blvd in Santee next to West Hills High School (near the dump).  Mast blvd is off of 52 near the Eastern terminus.  I would recommend looking on a map and locating Mast Blvd and 52 in Santee. Once you are on Mast, continue east passing the dump (left side) and West Hills High School (right side).  At the first light is Medina – take a left.  Continue through the stop signs to the end.  The entrance (four metal posts in the ground) is on the left– park (you’ll see many cars).  PLEASE KEEP YOUR VOICES LOW, THIS IS A NEIGHBORHOOD.  Lots of mountain bikers park here and we wish to retain our welcome.


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