Daley Ranch


STRONG Intermediate Ride

This only one of many rides at Daley Ranch.

Daley Ranch is located on the northern border of the City of Escondido. The ranch was settled by Robert Daley in 1869. The current ranch house was built in 1928, primarily as a place for the Daley family to get away from their Jamul residence. The land was destined to become one of the largest housing tracts ever developed, when the City of Escondido purchased the land from the Shay Homes company in 1996. The land was opened as park in April 1997.

Total distance is 20 miles with few technical sections and an elevation gain about 1,500-1,800′. Just about every part is rideable with stunning views everywhere. Daley is all about rolling hills, with very few flat sections. There are some seriously steep, long, arduous climbs. Of course when you climb, you are rewarded with downhill. Just about every climb is on a fire road with the downhill’s being mostly single track. Still, if you are not good at climbing it can be very long and difficult. Please only ride if you are a good climber.
Daley Ranch is located in Northern Escondido and at the top of a mountainous area. We will be riding up and down several ridges, while looking down into Escondido, Spring Valley, and even the Pacific. 70% of the trail is fire road, with the remained 30% SWEET, AWESOME single track.

What to bring:
1. Helmet, of course.
2. Water, water, water!!!! Bring at least 100oz, you will need it.
3. Food.
4. Sunscreen.
5. Proper clothing – it can be very warm or quite cool this time of year.
6. Prayer.

About 40 minutes from San Diego State University and 8. To get to the trailhead take El Norte Parkway off of I-15 at the northern end of Escondido. Head East about 4 miles until you reach La Honda Drive. Take a left on La Honda. You can follow the signs to Lake Dixon from the freeway, since the trailhead is at the lake entrance. Thomas Guide page 1110 C3. There is a parking lot on the left side before you enter Lake Dixon, park there.


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