Big Laguna Loop

Big Laguna Loop – Laguna Mountains
Intermediate XC

We start  at the kiosk on Sunrise Highway inCleveland National Forest –

PLEASE NOTE AN ADVENTURE PASS IS REQUIRED!  Adventure passes may be purchased at sporting good stores and cost $5/day or $30/year.

We ride up the road for about ? mile and then take a left on a fire road.  We climb gently up the fire road up along the side of the valley.  Near the top, the views open up and on a clear day, the Pacific is visible.  ? of the way up we take a left on singletrack, which offers more views, lots of twists/turns and a fast downhill section.  The trail continues and joins other trails for a few miles where we enter the Big Laguna Valley/Field.  The Big Laguna Campground is nearby and offers fantastic camping.  The ride continues throughout the valley and eventually exits near the cars.  The terrain is tight singletrack with rocks and roots throughout.  Alpine forests/fields along with deer, hawks and other wildlife abundantly around.  Total distance is around 10+ miles with mild climbing.  Beginners should not go on this ride, but newer Intermediates would be fine.  Advanced riders will also enjoy this ride due to the awesome singletrack and sheer beauty.  Hope to see you guys there.  

NOTE – Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides – NO EXCEPTIONS. 

This includes EVERYONE! The person who left their helmet on the table at home… Please don’t put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride. Besides, you will not be allowed on the mountain without one. We care deeply about everyone’s health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:
1. HELMET – no helmet, NO RIDE, no exceptions.
2. WATER – at lease 50-80 oz.
3. FOOD – this is a relatively short ride but we recommend some “food/energy” bars as a snack.
4. TUBES – At least 1 or 2.
5. CAMERA – optional but it is spectacular scenery.  We will be taking pictures and helmet camming the ride.
8.ADVENTURE PASS – REQUIRED TO PARK YOU CAR.  You can buy a day pass for $5 at sporting goods stores or an annual pass for $30.  Purchase your pass BEFORE the ride – we will not be driving near a location to purchase them.

7:30 arrive and leave 7:45 SHARP.  Take 8 East, Exit Grossmont Center Drive North towards the mall.  Take a left on Murray drive – the park and ride is on your left down the street.

Take 8 East going past the Cuyamaca exit.  Continue a few more miles and pass thePine Valley exit.  The next exit is Sunrise Highway – take this exit and go left (North) up Sunrise Highway.  Continue up Sunrise Highway for several miles.  After you cross a ‘cow grate’ you will see “Welcome to Cleveland National Forest – Adventure Pass Required” (it is!).  Park next to the Kiosk (on the right) several tenths of a mile after the grate.  Look for the RockMTB banner.  If you enter a small little town, you have driven several miles too far – turn around.

God bless and have a safe, awesome ride!.


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