Rose Canyon

Rose Canyon
Beginner Ride
Distance – 8+ miles mostly FLAT!

This ride is for anyone interested in getting out on the trail and fellowshipping with other Christians in the beauty of the nature that God provided for us in San Diego. We will be riding Rose Canyon. This is an easy 8-mile ride stretching east-west between I-5 and I-805. We start out next to some RR tracks and quickly drop into Rose Canyon. The wide-track meanders in and out of open grassy areas, lush riparian habitat, and live California Oak Trees. The vistas are often exposed and offer lots of photographic opportunities. For those Intermediates tagging along, some of us will split off for a quick run on fun singletrack – we then will hook back up with the group. There is virtually NO CLIMBING – ANYONE CAN GO. If you can walk, you can ride this trail. I’ve received several emails from people concerned about their riding skills – THIS IS YOUR RIDE – GO GO GO GO GO GO!!! SHOW UP!

What to bring:
1. Helmet – mandatory.
2. Gloves / Seasonable clothing.
3. Power Food / Gel.
4. Water –  at least 50 oz, 80 oz is better.
5. Check your gear / bike the night before
6. Prayer

I-8 west to I-5 North – Exit Grand/Garnet exit stay in the right lane – Turn right on Damon Av (just before you get back on I-5 north – Turn left at the stop sign, this is Santa Fe Street. – Follow Santa Fe until it dead ends – Park and meet at the trail head.


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