Lake Morena

Lake Morena – << EPIC >> –
This is one of our favorite – OPEN – trails in San Diego County.  

This ride is for ADVANCED riders only that are strong climbers.  Hope to see ‘hard-core XC’ riders out there!!!

As a ministry, it is our desire to serve everyone.  We have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (Cross-Country, Downhill and Free-ride) rides.  Morena is for ADVANCED Cross-Country riders only.  This ride is NOT for Downhillers, Freeriders nor is it for Intermediates.  This is for the hardcore XC rider that loves to ride all day, with awesome elevation gain.  Morena is extreme with a vertical ACCENT of 3,200’ in 20 miles.  The singletrack is awesome but not very technical.  Therefore, if you are NOT a GREAT climber please ride with us another time.

We start at the base of the Kiernan trail.  We ride a few miles up a dirt road and then cut off to the Espinosa trail (all singletrack).  Sage Brush Ravine is a popular race at Morena (the course does NOT include the Espinosa or Spur trail).  This is where the climbing really starts. Espinosa climbs to a saddle between two mountains; we then take a fire road to Spur Trail.  This is a multi-use trail with dirt bikes, hikers and mountain bikes.  The corners are banked and snake around the contours of the mountain dropping to another fire road.  We climb the fire road to the ‘Four Corners’.  This puts us back on the ‘Sage Brush’ race course and is the first bailout point for riders who may have misjudged their abilities – you will know if you have! We now take the Wrangler trail which has more amazing single track for several miles.  At the halfway mark we’ll have a devotional on a granite outcropping overlooking Mexico.  At the end of Wrangler is the final bailout point. We continue on a fire road to the only ‘hike a bike’ section.  We are now on another ridge and drop down a fire road into a beautiful valley full of oaks, fields and flowers.  Our last climb is out of the valley and back to Four Corners.  The best is saved for last which is the Kiernan trail.  The trail is several miles of fast downhill singletrack to our cars.
Tired just reading this????  There is a reason for calling certain rides Epic’s!!!  R U Tough enough?  If so, see you out there!

FYI, this is one of RockMTB’s most strenuous rides.  It is imperative you bring the correct supplies and arrive on time.  Call or email if you have questions, especially if you are not sure of your abilities.

NOTE – Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides – NO EXCEPTIONS.
This includes EVERYONE! The person who left their helmet on the table at home… Please don’t put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride.  We care deeply about everyone’s health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:
1. Helmet – no helmet, NO RIDE, no exceptions.
2. WATER – at lease 100 oz!!!  It may get VERY HOT and there is no water during the ride.
3. FOOD – this is a 20+ mile ride with 3,200’+ elevation gain.  You WILL BE VERY HUNGRY.  We recommend food with sugar as a snack.
5. CAMERA – optional but it is spectacular scenery.  We will be taking pictures and helmet camming the ride.

The drive takes about 45-50 minutes fromSan Diego State University and 8.
Take 8 East going past Sunrise Highway (Laguna Mountain).  Continue on 8 for a few miles and take the Buckman Springs road.  Take a right on Buckman Springs road immediately crossing old highway 80.  Stay on Buckman Springs road for 2-3 miles and look for a large dirt road on your right called Corral Canyon Road/Camp Morena – take this right.  Continue straight on this road for a few miles.


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