Cuyamaca Epic Ride

Cuyamaca Epic Ride! – Cuyamaca State Park – Near the Laguna Mountains – East San Diego

Advanced XC Ride

This is an all day ride – 2,100’ in 20 miles!

Strong Intermediate rides usually are long, have significant climbing with some technical singletrack and downhill sections.

Cuyamaca State Park is one of Southern California’s jewels.  The park has a combination of California Scrub Oak, deep thick green forests, lush fields, alpine forests, and awesome singletrack/fire roads.

We start at the parking lot (immediately after the Green Valley Campground) and quickly ride onto single track.  After a few miles we cross route 79 going past the Park HQ.  This section is fire road and takes us to ‘Soap Stone’, the first ‘real ‘climb (15 minute spin).  At the top of Soap Stone are several miles of fast trails twisting and turning everywhere.  The trail drops us onto another fire road and we then hook up onto route 79 again.
After a half mile on 79 we start the granddaddy of climbs -Middle Peak.  This is a long, ruthless, never-ending grind over 2.5 miles long and about 1,000’.  It is not technical (the whole climb is rideable) however it is LONG (25-40 minutes, nonstop).  There is an EASIER alternative route for those who wish to cut the climbing in half.  With all climbs comes the reward – AMAZING DOWNHILL!  Once we exit the forest we will have the devotional/lunch on a field overlooking the ocean – the view here is breathtaking.  This is also the location where will meet with the other riders who bypassed the Middle Peak climb.

Back on the trail we pass the ‘Keebler Elf Tree’ and start our final climb.  It is only a few hundred feet and relatively easy (all depends on how much ‘leg’ you have).  At the top is a spectacular trail down the mountain.  Miles and miles of downhill with beautiful scenery go rushing by.  This is DEFINITLY the reward for all the sweat.  Several ‘downhill’ miles later we arrive at our cars.

This is one of my favorite ‘beautiful’ trails.  There are few technical sections and lots of stunning scenery.  All climbs are doable yet there is 2,100’ elevation gain in twenty miles – not an easy ride.

Please no newbies on this ride – you will not have a good time.

NOTE – Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides – NO EXCEPTIONS.
This includes EVERYONE! The person who left their helmet on the table at home… Please don’t put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride.  We care deeply about everyone’s health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:
1. Helmet – no helmet, NO RIDE, no exceptions.
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR… yes thats right, you guesed it, your HELMET!
2. WATER – at lease 70-100 oz!!!  It may get VERY HOT this is an all day ride.
3. FOOD – this is a 20 mile ride with 2,100’ elevation gain. The devotional location is awe-inspiring!  There is a lot of climbing and you will be very hungry..
5. CAMERA – optional but it is spectacular scenery.  We will be taking pictures and helmet camming the ride.

It takes roughly 45 minutes from 8 and SDSU (College Avenue).  Take 8 East going past Viejas Casino.  Continue on 8 and take the Route 79/Cuyamaca State Park Exit going North (left).  Stay on Route 79 (it veers to the left after a few miles) going past the Cuyamaca State Park/Campground (a.k.a.  Green Valley Campground – on the left).  A mile or so after the campground will be a LARGE parking lot on the right on the edge of a big field.  This is the first ‘real’ parking lot past the campground.  There will most likely be horse trailers here – park and look for the RockMTB banner.  You went too far if you hit the lake – turn around.


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