RockMTB was created after much thought and prayer. The idea that we could fellowship in an awesome environment, within an extreme sport AND worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is amazing. RockMTB recognizes there are many people who thrive on taking sports to the extreme side, people that look at a good time often ending with bandages. Some of those same people also enjoy worshipping our Lord with the same Fervor, but until recently only rode with others who may or may not have had the same beliefs.

RockMTB was created for anybody who enjoys the sport of mountain biking, thrives on pushing themselves to new limits, those who call themselves Christian or not who may have desire to know our God better, and lastly, to make new friends that may last a lifetime.

As Christians, we start our rides in prayer but, if you do not want to pray with us, that’s fine too. Our rides range from beginner to expert, both locally and multi-day ‘road trips’. As we ride, there is a leader and a sweeper ensuring no one is ‘left behind’. Pictures and video are often taken and posted on this website a few days later. At the midpoint, we usually stop for food, fellowship and a devotional. The devotional is often considered the highlight of the ride. The format for the devotional varies from person to person and is predetermined by the leader. The message can be a personal witness experience, to a short study from the Bible lasting only about 15 minutes. This is a nice way of getting to know others that may have joined us for the first time, grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus, and enjoy your lunch. The ride concludes with everyone dirty, happy, and filled. Often, several riders extend the day with a meal on their way home.

Some of us, prior to being Christian, thought all Christians were boring, nice people who did not have fun. We never dreamed Christians WERE fun and enjoyed extreme sports. With this in mind, there are many people searching for something, but will NOT step into a Church. They WILL however attend a mountain bike ride! What a perfect way to introduce that person to Jesus.

During our rides we will never judge or condemn someone because of what they may or may not believe. Rather we will share God’s truth through our witness and His inspired word. This ensures their desire to come back and perhaps learn more. So bring your friends, family members or that co-worker you’ve been speaking to!

As in Isaiah 52:7, we truly are proclaiming God’s good news. Granted, it is not our ‘feet’ but ‘tires’ on the mountain. We hope to see you out there! Please join us!!!

The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


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