What’s for Breakfast? A deer or two STUPID mountain bikers?

Today I did one of the dumbest things ever – we are lucky to be alive!

The morning was perfect – 6:30am at Mission Trails Park (Santee side) riding with my friend Tim.  Upon entering the grasslands we saw five deer – awesome and also eerily prophetic! 

Today we were riding the lowers 8’s.  These are four trails intersecting with Spring Canyon climbing to the ridges (both sides, east and west) and the dropping down canyons back to Spring.  After climbing the first lower 8 we dropped down onto SWEET singletrack.  Tim stops up a head (he’s stinking fast!)  Looking down, I notice blood and broken bushes.

The blood was FRESH – not even coagulated.  Also we saw a liver and intestines – this was a recent deer kill by a mountain lion – awesome!  I took out my Blackberry and started taking pictures and then a video.



As you can see on the video, I know the mountain lion is nearby.  Instead of leaving, we stay and Tim actually tries to find the cat!  DUMB!!!  Being on the short side of intelligence – I’m rolling away with my video.  Slowly the danger sets in – we need to get out of here! 

As I’m hopping on my bike Tim shouts and points to a baby fawn carcass several feet from the trail.  This is the truly stupid part!  We get off our bikes and I get my video camera out – taking a quick video of the carcass.  Tim wants to touch the carcass to see if it was warm.  Of course it was!  The blood is still fresh and dripping!  This is BAD – that mountain lion is CLOSE and watching us.  We need to leave NOW.  We get on our bikes, staying close, we slowly ride away. 

I showed the video to Ranger Mel at the Park.  He confirmed we were very lucky.  Had Tim touched the carcass, we’d have been attacked!  The mountain lion would have defended his food.   Mel  then asked for the video.  He wants to show people WHAT NOT TO DO!

I’ll never forget this ride.  We witnessed God ‘s creation and creatures like we’ve never seen before.  Our God is also kind – even for fools who know better.  Ironically Tim and I were talking how we’d like to die in the beginning of the ride.  I mentioned being killed by a Mountain Lion would be cool – I really am stupid.



10 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast? A deer or two STUPID mountain bikers?

  1. Wow, what a story. You know my husband and I signed up for this ministry but soon after we moved to Kansas, however, I always read the emails sent to me about where the rides will be and it’s cool to follow up with something we wanted to do. Perhaps we’ll get to ride with you guys when we’re in town. Take care out there, as you know, the enemy does goes around like a roaring lion seeking who to devour! LOL

  2. Which of the four trails was this — L1, Three Barrels, or the stuff on the east side? If on the east side, was it the trail with the little pink flags in the ground or the return farther to the north? These are my “home trails” but I could recognize the specific trail because of the tight camera angles.

  3. Excellent account of the entire cross-species encounter. A mission trails local, “Hippie Mike” has told me about running across “Big kittys” out there . . . a “myth” you two just verified!
    Glad you risked your lives for the very intriguing glimpse into the “E ticket ride”.

  4. thats nice. i ride spring and oak a lot by myself. next time keep it to yourself. just kidding. thanks for the vid and pics. nature is great. peace.

  5. Thats a hoot! You truly are very lucky, they say by the time you see a mountain lion close up its to late. I am guessing he/she was very close.

    When living in AZ I once saw a picture of 2 people hiking that had a passerby take a snapshot of them. Once they developed the film they saw that in the bushes behind them was a mountain lion looking strait into the camera. Creepy shot, sadly I can’t find it on the net. Thanks for sharing the vid.

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