Rock MTB Rides are Back!

It’s hard to believe, but Saturday, October 6th is our first ride of the fall, and Rock MTB has made a few changes to our riding schedule to accommodate the large contingent of beginners, families and casual recreational riders.  Not only that, but we created an easy to remember ride schedule so even peeps with memories as bad as me can remember the schedule.  The first Saturday of each month will be the beginner ride and possibly a parallel intermediate ride.  The third Saturday of each month will be the intermediate or advanced ride.

Assisting with the leadership of our fall rides are three new Rock MTB leaders.  Mike Maio, Alex McClure and David Bilodeau (sorry if I misspelled your last name) all have shown not only a passion for riding and the Lord, but a real desire to see the Rock MTB ministry change lives.  Each brings unique gifts and abilities to the Rock MTB ministry.

Our fall schedule is a tour of familiar trails as we enjoy San Diego’s most popular urban and rural trails.

Beginner rides include Penasquitos Canyon, Lake Hodges and Spring Canyon.  If leader schedules permit we will attempt to run both beginner and intermediate rides concurrently on all three trails, as all trails have adjacent singletrack/fireroad which can add distance and difficulty to the standard route.

Penasquitos has very little elevation gain and as such it’s a perfect intro to new riders.  Lake Hodges offers fun singletrack and great views, and Spring Canyon has introduced many people (including me) to mountain biking. 

Intermediate and advanced rides include the classic Noble Canyon, Martha’s Grove and Lake Morena.  Newer sections of Sycamore Canyon which lead to Martha’s Grove are getting buffed out with several years of use; Noble remains San Diego’s only trail on IMBA’s epic list and Lake Morena provides XC riders with long climbs and fun descents. 

While we are always promoting our rides, we are also promoting the security patrol at the Rock.  Rock Security is looking for people willing to serve the church by patrolling the parking areas during the services.  For many of us doing something may be something as simple or fun as hopping on a bike during church to ensure visitors have a safe place to park their ride. 

Whether it’s riding for fun or for service we hope to see you on your bike.


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