The Silent Ride

Hello Guys!

What an amazing day Saturday was. Typical for the ‘Silent Ride’ the weather was overcast with a light drizzle. Nevertheless, 60-70 riders braved the weather to honor our fallen and soon to be risen rider – Jesus.

The mood was somber, reflective and upbeat. All of us were thinking and marveling at what our Lord has done for us. There were riders from all over San Diego of EVERY type, and from many other churches and groups. There were young children like my 2 ½ year old daughter, there were kids just learning to ride, there were cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, old bikes, new bikes, bikes with trailers, bikes with tassels and bells and there was even a mom rollerblading pushing her 3 month old in her stroller!

I cannot count the amount of times I heard the word “WOW” as this very long, silent, yet spirit filled line rode past amazed people. It was a great opportunity to witness and this is something we’ll expand on next year. We had people’s attention, which is one of the purposes of the ride.

The Devo was done by our ‘Pastor in Training’ Will Carreras. Will is completing his Masters in Divinity in a few weeks and his depth of knowledge and passion was powerfully conveyed in the sermon. Everyone was quiet and thoroughly engrossed in his words – contrary to the heavy drizzle falling on our heads.

The ride back was more of the same with many hugs, handshakes and smiles as people stowed bikes and gear. The ride and day was about Jesus – rain or shine. The Angles in heaven had to be singing.

Pictures will be posted shortly – we were blessed with Brother Joe from the Rock Church for being there. He had a photo shoot that morning get canceled – a remarkable coincidence.

For those who participated, thank you! For those people from other churches and groups, we are deeply grateful and appreciate your involvement.

See you all again next year!
God bless,

Kevin Loomis


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