God loves India!

Raju and Grace sharing about their vision. It is people like Raju, missionaries in YWAM and the pastors of Kanpur that are the true warriors. What they lack and need is what we have – money. Consider sponsoring Raju on a monthly amount. If you don’t have much, commit $20 a month – we all have that. If you are more liquid, consider $100/month. If you truly want to bless him, send a nice size check to pay for the supplies he owes. Total combined outstanding expenses is roughly $4,500. You would make all your checks payable to YWAM and they are tax deductible. Once your check is received, you’ll get a receipt back in the mail. You would send them to my friend’s Idaho YWAM base and he would forward the money ‘converted’ to Rupees (Indian currency) to Raju. YWAM Idaho and YWAM Kanpur are sister bases and only your funds directed to Raju would be used by him. You can even state (if you want), what the funds are to be used for (such as helmets for his family). I personally send money and let them decide. However, I urge you all to do something. We can all send $20/month and never know it was gone. However, $20 in Kanpur is huge! That could literally be a week’s food for 10 people at the base. For those of us with ‘real money’, seriously think about a BIG one time check!

Right now you have an opportunity to hit the enemy in the heart of his territory. No one should have to live like this. I felt I was witnessing an historical event. I honestly felt Kanpur is getting ready for a big change and your help would be hugely instrumental. The Pastor’s uniting is the first and biggest step. However, money is desperately needed to allow the momentum to continue. We’ve never solicited money before, but now is the time. Below is the contact information for sending checks, along with Raju’s info. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

Make checks payable to YWAM – (make sure you state WHO the check is for – Suvarna Raju).

YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade
PO Box 70
Cascade, Idaho 83611

Phone: 208-382-0050
Email – info@ywamidaho.org
Idaho Website

The Idaho Directors are Marty and Kelly Meyer

FYI – If you did read Kevin’s original post on this trip, read it here.


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