My Son’s 1st trip to the BMX track

Steve here… My oldest son, Andrew has been doing so well on his bike we thought we would take him over to the local BMX track, Cactus Park. I think I may have been more excited than he was… well, maybe not. Andrew was so excited. He just walked right up to the starting gate and went for it! (You can see him in one of the pics leaving the gate) I’m sure Zack, (my youngest son) will be right behind him very soon. I did take a lap or two with him but he was doing great and just fine with out me. He must have done 50 laps… He was so tired towards the end of the evening, he had to walk up some of the jumps. He just didn’t want to stop. With a few more practices and a new bike, he’ll be ready to race. I’m such a proud daddy! Andrew did awesome! I also talked with another dad, his son was just 2 1/2 and still riding with training wheels… on the track! How cool is that?! I also snapped a few of the older kids…

One last thing, when we prayed before bed, Andrews prayer was as follows: “Dear Jesus, thank you for my bike and that race track, Amen”

Enjoy the pics, oh ya,… I suck at photography at night. I guess I’ll have to read the manual.

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