Doing Justice

Over the last six months or so, I have had some conversations with one of my friends (right of right, conservative evangelical Christian) regarding the “illegal immigrant” problem. Let me just say this, prior to about six months ago or so, we would have agreed wholeheartedly. Not anymore… Now, I’m not going to get into all that. Not the point. I will say this; yes, illegal immigration is a problem, and needs to stop. I don’t know the answer. But how can I look down on any human trying to better his/her life?

As someone who calls himself a Christian, I think a more important question I need to ask myself and discuss with other Christians is; how are we engaging this segment of our culture? The poor? Homeless? Fatherless? Motherless? Elderly? Etc. Are you doing justice? Is your Church doing justice? Does the city rejoice that your Church is there? Are you truly righteous? Is your Church filled with Biblically righteous individuals? Think about it; did you choose where you would be born? To whom? What country?

Like it or not, God in His sovereignty has chosen to place each one of us in this time and place for a purpose. What better way to truly “live out the Gospel” than to extend to these people the love mercy and grace God has so abundantly given to us?

Through the messages I have been listening to from the Reform and Resurge conference that took place back in May, my view on the subject, people, poor, illegal, etc. has radically been changed. I implore you, Christian, to listen to this talk “Doing Justice” from Tim Keller and the many other great speakers/teachers/preachers at

This message from Dr. Tim Keller will stretch and hopefully encourage you to do justice not out of guilt but out of joy. Through faithfulness in doing justice the culture will begin to notice and hear the gospel that we preach.


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