We have a real blog

This marks the first of hopefully a long line of RockMTB blogs. This will be a regular feature on the RockMTB site, and we’ll cover everything from rides to religion. This blog will be real with no fake smiles or lame clichéd responses to difficult questions. We’ll cover the highs and lows of riding, faith and this awesome journey we call life, and of course we’ll throw in pics here and there to keep things interesting.

As we are on the cusp of RockMTB’s fifth year we get that feeling you get before departing on a much anticipated road trip to a new destination. You aren’t completely sure about what to expect, but you’re thrilled about the coming adventures. This will mark the 5th year for RockMTB and I’m sure we will have an exciting year planned. The calendar will be filled with plenty of rides for all skill levels and a few road trips. We will probably make another epic trip to Utah this year along with some Cal state road trips as well.

Hope you find this blog informative, useful, and entertaining. Please feel free to post comments, questions, etc.



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